Lastolite Skylite 2 x 2 m.


Lastolite Skylite 2 x 2 m. Included One Silk or Fabric


Lastolite Skylite 2 x 2 m. / 6,6 ́ x 6,6 ́ Included Two Silk or Fabric

  • Built around a lightweight but rugged 6.6 x 6.6′ aluminum frame, the Large Standard Skylite Rapid Kit with Rigid Case from Lastolite offers two of the most popular fabrics in a creative system that includes several of them
  • The kit includes the collapsible, weather-resistant frame and a clip-on 1.2 stop diffuser that’s well-suited for overhead use to tame harsh sunlight or to be employed as you would a large softbox to render your light source soft and flattering with reduced contrast or a reversible silver/white fabric that features expeditious mounting like the diffuser
  • To store and transport the kit Lastolite provides a rigid, vacuum-formed case with two inner compartments to secure the components of the kit.