Chimera HR Octa 7 ‘ / 210 cm.


Chimera HR Softbox Octa 7 ‘ / 210 cm.

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Chimera HR Softbox Octa 7 ‘ / 210 cm. max. 1.200 W.

  • Only the Chimera OctaPlus 57 Features a Convertible Design that Transforms an Octaplus 5 into the Massive 7-Foot OctaPlus 57
  • With the Attachment of the Included Expansion Kit, the OctaPlus 5 Grows to Become a Large Wrappping Light Source
  • The OctaPlus is Slim in Profile, Thanks to a Unique Center-Weighted inner Baffle that Allows a Shallow depth Lightbank Without Sacrificing the Evenness of the Light
  • The OctaPlus 57 for Hi Heat comes Complete with Both an OctaPlus 5 Hi Heat and the 7′ Extension kit
  • We Recommend using Fixtures with Fully Exposed, Bare, or «bug» Style Bulbs, or Fixtures with Wide Output, Such as open Faces
  • The OctaPlus Hi Heat can Adapted to Fit a Selection of Chimera’s Quartz / Daylite Speed Rings as well