Aputure Spotlight Set


Aputure Spotlight Mount Set with Lens

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Aputure Spotlight Mount Set with 19º, 26º or 36º Lens

  • Internal Shutter Blades for Sharp Cuts.
  • The High-Resolution Lenses Produce an Even Beam of Light, with Minimal Light Falloff on The Edges.
  • Shift in Color Temperature of Less than 200 º Kelvin.
  • Chromatic Aberrations Around The Edge of The Illumination Circle Are Only 1 mm.
  • The Spotlight Mount Also Offers Simple User-Interchangeability Between Aputure’s 19°, 26° or 36° lenses. Only one of Them Is Included.The Other Two Lenses Are Optional.
  • With the Included B-Size Gobos, Gobo Holder, and Gel Frame the Spotlight Mount Allows For Even Further Light Manipulation.
  • The Optional 18-Bladed Iris Also Allows Filmmakers to Further Hone in The Shape and Size of The Spotlight Mount’s Light Output.
  • Spotlight Mount.
  • 19º, 26º or 36º Lens.
  • 3 un. B-Size Gobos.
  • Gobo Holder.
  • Gel Frame.
  • Lens Cleaning Kit.
  • Transport Case.