Aputure F10 Barndoors


Aputure F10 Barndoors for LS 600D Pro

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Aputure F10 Barndoors for LS 600D Pro and Fresnel

  • Drop-in Barndoors for the F10 Fresnel.
  • Slide Into The Standard 13.1-inch (333 mm.) Drop-In Accessory Slot.
  • Designed to Be Large Enough to Properly Shape and Control the Output of an Industry-Standard 10-inch Fresnel.
  • 8-Leaf Design, Including Four Smaller «Helper Flags».
  • It Can Rotate In and Out Adjust the Shape of The Output.
  • The F10 Barn Doors Includes a Negative Reflector (Black Reflector Dish).
  • This Black Dish Simultaneously Allows the F10 Barn Doors to Be Mounted Directly onto a Bowens Mount Light Fixture and also Minimizes the Size of The Light-Emitting Source to Just The LED Chipset, for Sharper Shadows.
  • Barndoors.
  • Black Reflector Dish.
  • Safety Cable.
  • Transport Case.