2 x 2 m. Grid Cloth Diffuser


2 x 2 m. Grid Cloth Diffuser

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2 x 2 m. / 6,6 ’ x 6,6 ’ 1/4 Stop, 3/4 Stop or 1 1/4 Stop Grid Cloth Diffuser

  • this Grid Cloth Diffuser Allowing you to diffuse and direct ambient and artificial light sources
  • Constructed from nylon and silk fabrics, this diffusion does not affect the color temperature of light sources and helps to maintain natural-looking skin tones
  • As part of a modular system, this fabric is an ideal light control tool for a variety of both studio and on-location applications
  • This grid cloth diffuser directs and softens light sources for a clean overall light quality
  • It is ideal for use with large main light sources and when working in bright, sunlit conditions